I’ve just returned from a short break away, just me and my girl. Before leaving I snapped a pic of us packed up in the car and ready to embark on our epic 7hr car journey to the highlands. My Aunty commented on the Instagram post calling toddler P my friend for life. And she is.

I’ve mentioned before about how over the last year it’s been me and her, the dream team and how she’s my best friend. Which she really is, we laugh and spend every minute together. We drive each other mad and already she answers me back, bossed me around and defies me (but does say “no, ank too” so does politely).

I can see already that as much as we’ll always be as thick as thieves, we’ll disagree like crazy! She’s inherited my stubborn and assertive streak and is definitely going to be a strong woman. But we’ll always have each other and it makes my heart smile. It’s possibly the one thing that’s really helped me through the last year. It’s possibly the one thing that helps me when I miss Dad, it’s possibly the one thing that helps me stay grounded, rationalise my emotional reactions and the one thing that keeps me going when I’m knackered.

A few months ago I started watching a really tacky, American sitcom that was recommended by a friend. It’s a oldie but a goodie that I never watched when it originally aired and most will probably cringe when I admit my current addition to the Gilmore Girls. In my defence, it’s simple easy watching that I can have on it the background whilst sipping a G&T and marking a set of books.

It’s also done it’s job, it’s the tale of a single mum and her teenage daughter and the trials and tribulations they go through together. Watching it made me feel more confident about being a single me, it reminded me of my close relationship with little Miss sassy pants and reassured me that the two of us together can face the world. So for all it’s light hearted humour and cheesy American storylines, it’s also been a small life line. It’s ridiculousness has recharged my strength when I needed it.

Ok so me and the character of Lorelai are worlds apart, we’re also similar. We’re both strong willed, determined to succeed despite a number of people determined to see us fail and trying to bring us down. We’re both confident and will stand our ground to ensure we stick up for what is morally right and what we believe in and we both want what’s best for our daughters. So for all it’s cheesy and a bit cringeworthy to turn to an outdated tv programme for some self esteem building, it’s been very worthwhile.

Me and lady P do make the dream team because we do what’s right for us. We had a ball on our holiday. We played in the sand, we sang songs, we shopped and went for walks in the local country village. We spent an entire 7hr car journey singing every nursery rhyme under the sun, without any other form of entertainment in sight and it was bliss. Little legs travelled so well and didn’t make hardly a peep as we made our way across Scotland. Just like the journey of the last year, we navigated it together and came out the other side with a high five, a smile and some memorable moments.

As we journeyed, I’d peek at her through the rear view mirror, my little girl would flash me a lovely smile and sometimes shouted “mummy” just for me to smile at her reflection too. Because that’s all we’ve needed over the past year, each other, I need her smile and cuddles as much as she needs mine and together we make the dream team.

P.S. my next post will be giving you some long journey with a toddler tips-dragon and unicorn spotting included!

Enjoy your weekend, the other half of my dream team is due to wake from her nap soon!

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