Today was the last of the first birthday parties. Now I don’t mean the last we will attend ever but it was the last out of the circle of mum and baby friends we’ve made together me and little P.

The youngest, the baby of the group has turned one and we all celebrated together today (minus one pair from the gang who we obviously missed). It’s like some right of passage.

We’ve survived our babies first years together, we’ve become a team, a network, a support group, a gang. We’re friends and our babies are friends and it’s been so lovely to build a bond.

I like this mum group, we all keep it real and laugh about saggy leaking breast milk tits, teething traumas, sleepless nights, poonamis and all things mini people. We reach out to each other, there’s never a bad time to text the WhatsApp group as there’s always someone to offer an ear or bit of friendly advice. There’s always someone up for a coffee and a natter or to plan a day trip out.

It’s like them all having turned one though, that we’re starting a new chapter together as all our babies are now toddlers. They’re now learning about right from wrong. They’re more interactive with each other and they play, squeal, hug, kiss and clout (what did I say about right and wrong!). We’re now chatting about potty training (yes P has now managed one half on the potty half off lol) naughty steps and tantrums. Before we know it, we’ll be buying school uniforms and sharing tales of the school run and holiday clubs.

I hope our kids continue the friendships we’ve made. It’d be nice to think that they foster the same bonds we have done as mums and that their friendship group flourishes in the same way.

It’s been a good year and half together as a gang. I’m glad I first ventured to that baby group one cold and dreary November morning, with dry shampooed hair, sans make up and dying for a hot cuppa, because this group has at times been my life line.

So now we’ve passed the right of passage that is their first year on earth. It’s time for me and the gang to see how our “not babies anymore” grow into children, into little boys and girls. It’s a really bittersweet feeling and the last one, the baby of the group turning one has really emphasised how quickly time is going.

One friend mentioned today how, little Miss P the oldest of the group is nearly 2!! When did that happen?!?!? It makes me grateful for the time I’ve had with her and also reminds me that I need to take even more time to enjoy her and her little friends because they’re not babies anymore and they won’t be toddlers for long either.

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