I went out with my bestie last night, we sang and danced and laughed and it’s fair to say that meeting him was one of the best things to happen in my life. I’m lucky, I’ve got a tight circle of very special friends, some lifelong some more recent but either way a family I’ve chosen and that I know are there whenever I need, but last night with P’s Uncle D was a bit special because we had a laugh we’ve needed for awhile as well as just reminding each other what we teach each other.

I’ve never really believed in soul mates, or should I say romantics soul mates. I’ve always sort of said that soul mates isn’t about being in love, but more about kindred spirits, people that you just connect with. A soul mate doesn’t have to be a romantic partner or spouse and you don’t just have to have one. I think I’ve a couple and the big D is one of them. He’s my person.

D is my ride or die, he’s been there through thick or thin. He knew when he first met my husband it wasn’t right. He knew, he sensed, he saw and when I walked and thought my world came crashing down, he rocked up, reminded me that I’d done what was best in leaving and rolled up his sleeves and helped me pick up the pieces and put my life back together. I mean who else can you ring in tears on the way into work at 6am because the world just feels a bit much??? Only D and a couple of my soul mates.

Friendships like this one are special, friendships where you’re mate comes out to the car with a much needed cuppa whilst baby sleeps in the car seat (much needed nap time). Friendships where they ring on the way into work to say they’re hubby will pick up little P and we’ll all go for pizza after work because they don’t want me going home alone after a testing and teary week. Friendships where you both know and get what you need and give that too each other in small ways.

Last night in and amongst tearing up the dance floor and singing our hearts out (not to mention the after drinks at mine where I was slated for being a pussy and drinking tea) D said something that meant a lot. He said mentioned how he’d seen over the last few years, piece by piece me building myself back up to the person I was prior to my abusive marriage and how he thought he’d had a positive impact on that. He has. He didn’t know the me before, but he gets it. That’s why he’s my soul mate.

Now D and I can clash, big style! Lord knows we can bloody argue (until he realises I’m right…) and it’s a hell of a lot better not working together anymore, even though I miss descending on him in his classroom with a drama (usually about a dating woe). That’s why we work though, we can really disagree and still stay the best of friends, we always have the same goal in mind but different approaches and can argue until the cows come home, plus he hates it if I don’t let him finish what he’s saying! we always stay tight though.

At the end of the day though, we’re good for each other and we need each other and I’m very lucky to have someone who not matter what I can turn to whenever I need and equally he can I. I’ve said it before, I’ve tight circle of some very special people that are my soul mates. That are my ride or dies and together we’ll give each other what we need when we need; honest advice, a hug, a glass of Prosecco in the garage, or a gin and strictly night on the sofa with the kids and the dog. D’s my person but so are some of my other friends because that’s what soul mates are, your people, your ride or dies.

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