I had the best time last night, I’m still basking in the glory of a fun night out with my closest friend and his partner. The three of us went to see of all things The Cher Show musical now those of you that know me well will know I’m by no means a Cher fan or person. I mean I don’t dislike the woman but I’m also yet to have any of her songs played through Spotify by chance or through intention! However, I loved the show! It was amazing.

There were big dance numbers with awesome choreography, amazing costumes, some serious eye candy, lots of leather and even more rhinestones! I was in Performing Arts teacher heaven! The story was good too, I didn’t really know that much about her life and had forgotten about the domestic abuse she suffered. It was at times a little bit like watching a mirror/parody of my own experiences, cue the side nudges and sarcasm quips from my bestie as he also thought the same, “mate, that’s so you all over!” It was also a great reminder of what I’ve achieved and what I can achieve.

Now we all I know I try to pretend not to be but that I’m a romantic at heart, I love a good happy ending, story of the underdog triumphing over the odds and a gushy idealist image of happiness and kindness! I’m a softy and a sucker for the Hollywood stereotypical happy images and have a tendency to write and think about things in this way, take my happiest moment description, I’ve romanticised it with descriptions of everything around me. It was a good moment and feeling though, it was still a happiest moment as I had that feeling of excitement and sudden strength in my tummy. Well watching the story of Cher last night brought back that romantic nature of mine, it lit up that fiery energy and excitement I have for imagining how great things can be.

You see, recent times have been challenging for me, I’ve faced a few tricky things lately that on the surface seem small but it’s all actually felt a lot. Changes in my job at work have left me feeling a little lost, frustrated and whilst I’m geared up ready for the next step, it’s hard securing it and at times I’ve panicked and felt trapped. This teamed with adjusting to new routines at home, settling little P into the big milestone of starting school has been a bit overwhelming. On top of that I’ve had some friendship challenges, having to tackle an issue and set some boundaries for the sake of me and P, was quite triggering and brought back some feelings to the surface that I thought id done with. So not only was letting my hair down and spending some quality time with my favourites needed, the story and show itself was perfectly timed, it reminded me that every obstacle might be hard and knock you down but you can pick yourself up, dust yourself down and move forward again.

My problem is, I’m impatient, cue D’s sarky, Geordie voice again, “really, you impatient, never!!” I want everything yesterday and well life’s just not like that is it? Hence, why watching Cher’s life story was a huge reminder that you can still be achieving great things at age 50 and 60. I don’t need everything right now, I just need what’s right for right now. It’s a journey and the right things will happen at the right time. We went for a drink afterwards and nattered about all sorts (including D’s birthday cake requests-Bruce Bogtrotter eat your heart out) but one main thing was that I needed to just remember that although I’m not in the role I want to be in yet, I will get there and further after that, it’s a career path and journey not just one end goal, I’ve got to enjoy the process. Now, I’m cutting a long convo short but that was the jist of it, that the right things will happen at the right time and that I’m in control and can make key choices and decisions.

The night wasn’t just about these serious thoughts and musings, don’t worry, we’re not that boring!! But in and amongst the MC Hammer jokes (harem pants to die for), Kylie dance moves and white wine spritzers, our conversations teamed with the show reminded me of how bloody strong I am. Really bloody strong. That doesn’t go away, even though I’ve felt a bit like I’ve lost my mojo lately, it never really goes, in fact I was told only a couple of weeks ago that it wasn’t possible for me to lose my mojo and it’s true, once you have that strength it’s always there, you just need a moment sometimes, then it comes back with a vengeance. We talked about how over time, piece by piece I’ve managed to build myself back up again. I look at what I’ve survived before and some of what I face now, pales into insignificance in comparison, yet I still see it as a challenge, daft really!

So after a cracking night with two amazing friends, I’ve got my not lost mojo back and maybe even a new found love for the Shoop Shoop song…nah! It was good, but not that good 😉

One thought on “Not lost mojo.

  1. You need to keep remembering those things you have achieved and brush off the things you haven’t or are finding hard…..you are an amazing lady and don’t forget that… I’m testament to never too late at 53….haha


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