It’s hard sometimes to put into words what being a parent is like. Today my daughter had me in stitches, for no particular reason. I can’t really describe what we were doing, we’d been out and just nicely got home and settled after having some lunch and she was just being funny, hilarious in fact. She was sat on my knee and we were having a ball, both laughing so hard our eyes watered! It was great but what it was over and how to describe what was so funny is beyond me. It was just a lovely moment together-fun, light hearted and us.

Then of course, nap time ensued and little toddler P became a bit fractious and our moment returned to the usual daily routine. Not that, that’s a bad thing, life cannot be euphoric all the time else it wouldn’t feel euphoric. But that fun moment will be a last memory that I cannot really put into words or share that well with anyone else, but it will still last and make me smile.

Maybe even giggle again, for no real reason ❤️

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