I’ve not been myself lately (yes really, despite the promotion and smashing course result) and have been a bit out of sorts for various reasons. Now don’t worry, I’ve straightened my crown and gone back to been the queen that I am…ish!

The thing, the thing or the person that got me through was little P. And some of my epic friends too of course. But she played a massive part. I think I forget sometimes just how much she does for me just really by being her. I fail to notice how much she loves me and really is a best friend to me. Then when I’ve needed it, she’s really shown me not only how much she thinks of me but how to own it when things are hard. Pretty good for a 3 year old eh?

It’s true though and me and a friend have coined the phrase #beabitmoreP because quite frankly we could all learn a lot from her. Like the other day when I said, “sorry P, I’ve been a bit too much of a grumpy mummy this morning” to which she replied “but you’re not now so it’s ok” and when she said, “sometimes people get sad or angry and that’s ok but we’d all rather be happy!” She’s a clever kid and pretty emotionally intelligent for her age, I mean I’d barely said anything to her the other morning when she turned and said, “why are you angry and sad today mummy?” Following it up with an “it’s ok I’ll help cheer you up” when I told her I didn’t know and that it wasn’t anything to do with her or anything she’d done. I mean she just knew and just knew what to say.

One night a week whilst I go dancing she stays with the legend that is Granny T, t usually means I get a bit of a rest and night off. This week I didn’t go home, I didn’t feel like being alone so I said I also go back to Granny T’s only to get there and find little P snuggled up asleep in my old bedroom, in what was once my bed, waiting for me knowing I needed to snuggle up with her. She knew I needed her just as much as she needs me.

She says it all the time, “we’re twins are we mummy?” “We’re a team aren’t we mummy?” She loves to snuggle, she loves to sing along to the music in the car with me and she loves a dance in the kitchen. She just loves to be with me. She likes to wave me off to work everyday and it’s been known to have me drive back around the block in order for her to wave at the window as I arrive home because she missed me arriving the first time.

I’ve needed her little clever ways, her cheery nature and cuddles recently. I’ve needed her unconditional love and reminder that she looks up at me and sees someone she aspires to be recently. I suppose recently, I’ve not straightened my crown, she’s propped it back up for me. I’ve needed her just as much as she needs me.

So whilst I’ve been moping and not quite being me. Whilst I’ve been overtired, stressed and juggling too much, she’s still remained bright eyed and eyed bushy tailed, looking at me with adoration. She’s ran to cuddle me knowing I need it more than her. She’s reminded me that no matter how busy and important somethings are, I should always take the time to stop for a minute, pause, rest, recoup and recharge and return to the work grind later, after some little P time. She’s reminded me to not overthink, over do it and focus on what really matters. She’s helped me come back down to Earth and take everything in my stride.

Plus she keeps asking me to try new lipstick colours…because who doesn’t love a sexy pink shade? Plus a new shade always makes you feel extra special. She’s a clever kid with a bright spark for like. So let’s all try and #beabitmoreP and just be a bit more happy go lucky.

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