The festive season and New Year always brings out people’s emotional and sentimental sides doesn’t it. Prosecco and gin also do, those that know me well know I’ve a tendency to fall in love with the world when I’ve had a few, declaring that “I just love you all so much” through tear filled eyes… anyway back on topic. This year was no different, if not more so because it’s been so tough for everyone.

Last night I got a few lovely messages from some very very good friends. Two in particular stood out though and have made me want to write. This first one was someone’s love and support for me and little P and they’re not the only one at all, I’m very lucky with the friendship network and love we both have. This friend is very good to us and from the day I walked out of my marriage nearly 3 years ago has been a rock at my side for whatever I needed. The Happy New Year message echoed this and basically reminded me that no matter what, I’ll never have to face anything alone. If I need a friend they’re there and vice versa. We face things when we need to, together.

It also reminded me of something this friend said at baby P’s first birthday party. I’d pulled out all the stops and it was tough, I was newly single mum, having only left a couple of months before and was embarking on the return to work from mat leave, petrified I wouldn’t cope and fearful of what our future ahead was, albeit better than the situation I’d left, it was a time of uncertainty and angst. My kitchen was full of people, fussing and gushing over the birthday girl, it was wonderful. The birthday was a success and this friend just turned to me and said, “you see, look at what you’ve got, they’re all here for you.”

And it was true, yes those people were there for little P to celebrate her birthday but they were also there for me. They could’ve turned their backs, they could’ve not bothered but they stepped up when I needed it most. They were there for me and I’ll be forever grateful.

Now that was a very long time ago and I don’t feel that anxiousness anymore, I haven’t for a very long time. I know I can cope, I know I’ve some very loving and supportive people around me and I’ve a happy stable life (most of the time, until one of the kittens trashes the Christmas tree or little P throws a tantrum). So why am I reflecting on this now? Well partly because we’re facing a global time of uncertainty but also because there’ll also always be something. Life is never complete plain sailing, you’ll always need a friendly ear and supportive friend for something, we all do.

So I was grateful for the gushing that me and my friends did last night for each other. Because, despite the knowledge we have that we love and care about each other, it’s nice to be reminded of it, it’s nice to share it and it’s nice to celebrate it even if it’s a given due to the nature of your friendship. And it doesn’t have to be just shared at Christmas and New Year over gin, it’s good to cherish strong bonds at any time.

They’re here for me, I’m here for them.

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