Toddler P has been a treat this week, for all I joke and complain about her determination and wilfulness of being a two year old. She’s a darling, she really is and as if like magic, she gives me that sparkle when I need it most, like she knows what mummy needs. I actually think she does, we’re so close and in tune because it’s just us, that we know each other better than anyone else does.

Her lust for life this week and her energy has boosted mine. She’s gaining such a sense of humour and clocks things I couldn’t imagine. Like songs in the car, I was having a Queen moment basking in the post We Will Rock You the musical glory of a few weeks ago and as I was belting out my out of tune version of Fat Bottomed Girls (no puns about my derrière necessary) her not so little voice piped up with “get on your bikes and ride” and the pair of us howled with laughter. She gets it, she knows what’s funny.

Her awareness of music and love of it in the background is brilliant. She’s constantly asking for “music on the radiator” as she marches of to my vintage style radio/Bluetooth speaker. She demands certain songs and artists, “the lion song” (Katy Perry’s Roar) and “underneef hot sun, feeling yike umone” are all time faves as well as Marry You. She’ll draw, play and dance in her own world singing to herself and it’s amazing to watch. I grew up loving music with an eclectic taste, mum’s a hardcore 70s rocker, dad….well his music taste was always questionable but he did also love some absolute music industry icons. then it dropped off, I stopped playing the radio and dancing in the kitchen as much through my marriage but now little P has rekindled a favourite past time.

Kitchen parties have always been a favourite past time, radio on, songs singing and just running and jumping and screaming is fun. She wants it more and more and it’s a time out, and escape I love on a regular basis. It’s something I always used to do, both my older brother and I had mini hifi, C’D player systems in our bedrooms growing up and large CD collections-not sure there was a NOW! compilation I didn’t own. I had friends round and we’d make up routines and I’m sure my life long bestie will remember many of our Spice Girl dress ups, J17 make overs and modelling shoots on a Boots disposable camera #cringe. Now times have moved on and it’s tea time kitchen parties, toddler dancing with my two year old as I stir the bolognese and boils the pasta. It’s still as fun though.

Music is the universal language, I’m glad I teach performing arts. I’m glad I share my passion with the kids at school and my daughter. I see it bring a smile to her face and mine. I see her get so involved in the rhythm, the lyrics and the dancing along. She claps at the end, “oh yey” she picks out words she likes and tries to sing even when she doesn’t know the words and she clocks key things like shouting “get on your bikes and ride” and loves every minute of it.

Music is definitely our thing, it’s me and her and it solves and teaches a multitude of things. So little P, Get on your bikes and ride kid, because I’ve some more essential songs to add to your repertoire!

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