I’ve just read the most heart warming story about how to talk about the truth of Santa with your child it was on this Facebook post and I love it. It sums up the true spirit of Christmas and giving for the sake of giving. It’s about kindness because kindness should be something you do always without wanting anything in return and just because it’s the right thing to do.

I’m in full Christmas spirit this year and I love the idea of Santa. I love kids believing and I mean really believing. Their innocence is magical and Christmas is magical. It’s sparkles, lights, snow, twinkles and glitter. It’s warmth and coziness, happiness and love. It’s friendship and kindness. It’s Christmas and it’s magic. And Santa is very very real. He’s a thought, and imaginative notion, an idea, a story and really important message about giving for the joy of giving.

I set myself up to have a bloody good Christmas this year. I mentioned about having some bad Christmases historically but I can safely say I’m enjoying this one more than any other already. Mainly because I’ve decided I will.

I did have a blip, it’s a lonely time of year. I do struggle with special occasions now it’s just me and toddler P. I feel a pang of envy when I see and hear of friends going off as families to do festive things. However, when I’ve taken a step back I’ve realised just because we don’t have the traditional family or the biological siblings and immediate family to do these things with, we’ve something better. We’ve the family we’ve chosen, we’ve our friends. And that’s magical, it’s the true spirit of Christmas.

I went with my lifelong friend and her family as part of their annual tradition last week, we visited a light up garden Christmas show and had hot chocolate and mince pies listening to carol singers. It was wonderful, me and little P were warmly welcomed to join them and didn’t feeling like third wheels intruding, we felt like part of the family. I laughed with them all, I know them all so well, I laughed with my friend’s older brother and cooed over his and his wife’s new baby. Toddler P was awe of their eldest and chased her around all evening. It was fun, it was festive and it was just what we needed. It reminded me that I’m not alone, I’m wanted, needed and very very loved. And that’s the spirit of Christmas and the magic of Santa.

Another good friend has just bought me concert tickets, we’re off to a gig together in the summer. When I went to pay her she said, “no, my Christmas treat” we don’t buy each other Christmas or birthday gifts in general, we just look after each other always so this was really out of the blue. She did it though because she she could. She was my little Santa Claus, giving for the sake of giving because she wanted to see the smile on my face. That’s the magic of Christmas. It’s the joy of seeing other’s happy. It’s the excitement of giving, helping and seeing other’s appreciating the things you do for them.

It’s not just about giving gifts though, it’s about giving love. It’s about sharing your spirit and kindness. It’s about fun. It’s the kind words, the smile, the hug and the, “I’m here to share this with you” attitude.

Santa is real because he’s living in each friend or family member I have that’s helping me and toddler P get the most out of life. He’s the unspoken magic the brings people together and makes us all smile. Toddler P jumps up every morning at the moment asking if he’s coming today, I have her convinced he’s outside watching from the garden and she tells me she can see him, she believes he’s real and out there and she’s right because he’s in her imagination and he’s teaching her to be good, kind and giving.

Christmas is magic and I love it.

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