I’ve always been a worrier and an overthinker, I’ll analyse a situation and talk it to death sometimes. I’m gradually learning to just let things be a loot more, I’m starting practise what I preach a bit more and only meeting trouble when trouble comes to me.

This is has been regally relevant lately, I’ve been so worried a few potential things happening, I’ve been so concerned about what someone people may do and how their actions might knock me off kilter, that I’ve knocked myself off track anyway. I’ve worried some much about what might happen and the stress it could cause that I’ve wound up stressed anyway.

It’s just made me lose my mojo a little, I’ve not been as sparky and vibrant as I usually am. I’ve tried to stay one step ahead of people so much so that I’ve veered of course and lost my way a bit. It’s left me feeling unsettled, I’ve been wandering with a bit of cloud hanging over me, unable to pin point what it is that’s really wrong. Truth is there wasn’t anything at all, I was just apprehensive of it.

It’s almost like sometimes when my life is calm and plain sailing that I have to find problems and things that aren’t really there. I have to find something worry about instead of just enjoying the complacency. All I actually need to do is stop over thinking and crack on enjoying life for what it is. It’s about changing my mindset. I’ve recently taken to sending out my weekly staff bulletin at work out to the team labelled in the subject line as TGI Monday or Happy Monday, because people are so insistent on seeing the return to work on a Monday as a drag when in actual fact it’s the start of an exciting week with lots to look forward to. This change in mindset prevents the Sunday night/Monday morning blues. Similarly I need to change my mindset from looking for something to worry about into looking for the things to enjoy.

Toddler P does this so well, all children do, they live for the moment and focus on what is happening as it happens with no regard for future consequences. Now I’m not saying this is the most sensible ways to live life, not forward thinking and planning is important, however there’s a fine line between planning ahead and ensuring life can run safely and smoothly, and worrying unnecessarily and unhealthily about what might happen. Sometimes you’ve just got to see what happens and roll with it. My dad’s favourite phrase was to constantly tell me”you worry too much” and yet ironically he spent the majority of his life boiled up and anxious about anything g and everything, I’ve always vowed not to turn out like him and not spend my life worrying-and yet here I am writing a blog to reflect and prevent my worry.

Here’s to not overthinking, seeing what happens and only meeting trouble when trouble meets you.

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