Awhile ago I wrote about being brave and losing the fear of telling people about what happened to me. I shared with my students my experience and telling them to make sure they invested in healthy relationships and to walk away from negativity.

Well a few months on, I’ve gone beyond being brave. I’ve started being bold. I’m not just sharing my story. I’m fighting the fight. I’m not just talking the talk. I’ve started to put things into action.

I’ve started actively raising awareness and have signed up for a few sponsored fund raising events. I’m also in the midst of organising and hosting a charity event of my own.

I want to do a bit more than that though, it all just doesn’t quite feel enough. So I’ve looked at voluntary opportunities, support services I can work with or in. I’ve looked at political and social movements I can support and advocate for.

I’m stronger and I’ve overcome a lot. I’m more than just not afraid anymore, I’m ready to stand up for myself and others. I’m ready to lead others in their journey, in their recovery and in making changes for others. I’m not just being brave now, I’m being bold. I want to take some action and steps to support and prevent the situation I’ve been in and to a certain extent still am in from happening to others. I want to make their get out and journey away from trauma easier, safer and less problematic.

In all honesty I’m doing it for selfish reasons, it’s to help me move on and process what I’ve been put through. It’s to help me heal the internal wounds, it’s to help me come to terms with what I allowed myself to be put through and it’s to help me fight the injustices I’ve come across along the way. I can’t change the world but I can change the world for me and some other people.

Watch this space.

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