A colleague messaged me awhile ago and told me how she loved reading my blog and how I should keep on writing. Don’t worry I will. It’s my outlet, it’s my therapy. It helps me channel my thoughts, it helps me process things and it helps me escape a little.

Writing a blog has actually shaped and altered me as a person. It’s one of the most relaxing therapeutic things I can do. It’s become a hobby. Now I know not everyone agrees with or likes what I write but it’s not about other people. It’s a time when I can selfish and make it about me. I don’t expect everyone to agree or like what I write, it would be a pretty boring world if everyone liked and agreed on the same things. We’re humans we’re meant to be different. I also don’t proof read…terrible I know and please don’t tell me students because it’s all I rave on about, proof read, spelling and grammar. Well I don’t because the idea is that my blog is a bit of a stream of consciousness and I just write to as a way to get my thoughts out, not to necessarily articulate a key message, if it does that’s a bonus, but in reality I write for me, not anyone else.

I’ve been writing a lot lately, I’m see you go through fits and starts with it. I have phases where I write a lot and others where I’m quiet. Or times where I start them, save as a draft and come back later to a build up of drafts that get finished and shared. I’d like to think there was a pattern, that I write more when I’m happy or more when I’m struggling but to be honest it’s just all a bit haphazard and just happens. I just write when I feel like, for any reason, excitement, happiness, grief, sadness, anger. Any emotion really, just to process it.

I’m always pleasantly surprised who reads my blog, I never really set out for anyone to give a damn about it and quite frankly why should they? It’s all about me and I don’t think I’m that exiting really? But feedback has always been good, it’s been strong, people say they like it, that it’s helped them or that it resonates with them. So if my selfishness or writing is helping them, then bonus! It’s a win win situation.

I’ve really grown to love writing and it would seem that actually, I might be quite good about it. In turn I’ve started reading a lot more now too. I’ve always been a keen reader but lately I’ve been reading a lot more, I’ve been reading books recommended for work that have spilled over into my personal life and I’ve ended up following a wide range of other bloggers. I’m following educationalists, life coaches, mothers, parents, dancers and all sorts. And it’s inspired me to do more. More writing, more life goals, more career goals, just more!

I may even one day…wait for it…this is pretty big…and I’ve toyed with it for awhile..finally I’m saying it out loud..write a book! A friend once said I should write a book on the story of my dad’s life, he went through a lot and it is an interesting tale of his childhood into adulthood, with the correct blend and mix of hard times, overcoming adversity and lessons learnt. But I also think I might write my story. What I’ve been through, how I’ve overcome it and how I’ve grown as a person. I’ve even started toying with becoming a life coach to help improve the lives of others although that career goal is a bit of a pipe dream and I’m not sure my addiction to education and the arts is ready to be given up just yet, I love my job and I’m very passionate about what I do so life coaching may have to just be a dream or in reality a sideline hobby job.

For now though I’ll keep on writing and maybe it will evolve into a book, or two?! Eek! But again it’ll be for selfish reasons, not to become rich, or a world famous writer but for me to enjoy the process. For me to get what I want out of it, then if on top of that people want to read it, bonus! Like I said, right now, I’ll just keep on writing.

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