I won’t let myself be upset or bothered anymore.  I won’t let myself be influenced or effected by the actions of others.  I cannot control the behaviour of others, but I can control the way I respond.  I’ve come along way since everything I’ve been through and I’m not the victim anymore simply because I won’t let myself be.  I won’t allow your actions to hurt me, frighten me or intimidate me.

Sometimes people just cannot let things go, sometimes they cannot allow others to move on and they cannot leave people alone.  But that’s fine, because I’ve put enough in place to ensure my safety, my well being and my happiness.  You cannot get to me anymore, you cannot hurt me and you cannot effect me and my mental health.  You cannot make me sad and you cannot make me upset.  I am ok and I will continue to be.  I’m moving on, I’m building up a life for me and for toddler P.  I’m done. I won’t let you get to me anymore.

I’m strong, I’m independent and I’m not the person I once was.  I’ve got my spark back, I’ve learnt to laugh again, I’ve learnt to smile and slowly each day I’m learning to love myself again.  I healing and I’m repairing the damage that was done.  I’ve come along way and I’m not going to let attempts from anyone prevent that from continuing.

I’ve got more fire in my belly than I’ve ever had right now, it’s me and my girl against the world.  I’m a strong woman, raising a strong girl and together we’re living our best lives.  We’re here for a good time, we’re here to have fun and your words and actions won’t hurt us or bring us down.  I’ve an inner strength of steel that won’t let anyone or anything damage the life I’ve fought for me and toddler P.

You can’t hurt me anymore.

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