Toddler P has replied to me when I tell her I love her for awhile now, her usual response is either, “I love you” or “yes” when I say it. I also tell her she’s my favourite and best friend to which she has often replied with “yeah, I am” and a cocky nod of her head, flicking her little pigtails.

Recently however, she’s taken to volunteering her declaration of love for me herself. Tonight for example, sat at the dinner table, she just lent over and said, “I weawwy wuv you mummy” when I replied with “I love you too P” her face beamed. A proper cheesy, toothy, eyes crinkling shut, grin. It was played to be fair, it was post to trips to sit on the naughty step, perfect ‘I’m going to make your heart melt post rat bag’ timing, it did the trick, it melted me into a pool of mummy love that had to be scraped up off the floor.

In terms of affection, this is a really great age at the moment. Toddler P loves to snuggle me, cuddle me, give kisses and stroke my hair telling me that I’m a “sweety girl” (please note she says sweety and not sweaty-it isn’t a typo). I love it, I love her affectionate loving nature and not only do I receive it, her teddies and toys are well looked after, stroked, kissed and cared for. Her friends are too, the other day she smothered one of her little besties with cuddles at kisses at the bottom of the slide before we departed ways from our play date. She’s little lady with a whole lot of love.

It is also the hardest age and I’m in the middle of a post about how tough the terrible twos are. However, it really is also the best. It’s like have a little friend come around with me, she chats to me in the car to and from anywhere, she asks me if I’m ok, she asks where we’re going, what I’m doing and if she can help. She wants to join in with me and asks me to sit with her all the time. She wants me to be a part of everything and it’s fab. She just wants me there.

I need to remember this a lot of the time, I need to remember it when I get stressed out with work or when I’m frustrated at one of her tantrums. I need to remember it when I’m stuck in a traffic jam, when I ladder my tights, when she won’t put her coat on, when I’m running late and when the day to day nuisances and stresses of life piss me off. Because no matter what, I come home to a little smile and some warm little hands that will wrap around my neck, touch my face, smelling of banana and or sticky from strawberries, give me a kiss me and tell me that she “weawwy wuvs me” before running off asking for “baby shark on the radiator (radio).” Because she’s genuinely pleased to see me, everyday.

Because she does really love me, her mummy.

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