I got quite possibly one of the biggest parent compliments the other day. Bolshy madam P was in full form, running around with a remote control that she was pretending to be a camera, pointing it at everyone and shouting “say cheese” at the top of her voice, everyone jumped to her request and fake posed on demand. She thought it was hilarious and belly laughed, that full on toddler giggle that makes you laugh uncontrollably too.

She was in her element playing, smiling and entertaining. She’s her mother’s daughter, (the child of a performing arts teacher) she loves an audience and being the centre of attention. A friend turned around mid play and said, “she’s just always so smiley” and another agreed and said “yeah she’s always so happy” and it’s true. For all I complain, moan and joke that I could sometimes quite easily leave her on the market stall with a price tag to see if anyone will take her off my hands, these terrible two tantrums and wilful moments are actually fleeting. She’s a good kid, my mum Granny T, family, her childminder and staff, the dancing crew and my next-door neighbours, all remind me of this and say it all the time, “she’s so clever,” “aw she’s so sweet” “she’s ace, I love her sass” and they don’t have to say these things, it comes from them so it has to be true, it’s un-requested reassurance and confidence boosting.

So there’s too lessons I need to learn and remember from this. First of all, I’m clearly doing things right if she’s such a happy little soul. She wakes up excited every morning, just because it’s morning and the start to the day (although I would appreciate if the start to the day could be delayed by half an hour or so). Toddler P just loves life so I’m clearly making life good if she’s so happy to be in it. Especially when people make throw away comments about her excitable, happy nature, people don’t say things like that unprompted unless they really believe it.

Secondly, I need to learn from her. She’s happy about being happy, alive and living the life she is. She wakes up excited each morning with no idea what lies ahead that day (or sometimes a little clue because she’s been prepped about our trip to the farm) yet wakes up giddy at the prospect of a new day. She is always happy and takes enjoyment out of everything, simple things like getting in the car with a loud squeal of “yey” unless of course she’s in “I’m just two” mode and will be difficult. In general though she just loves life. Kids do. They just enjoy stuff, they like to run, they like to jump and they like to scream because it’s fun.

She’s so smiley, let’s keep it that way.

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