At one point my life was filled with drama, it was becoming a regular occurrence for something stressful to happen, so much so that I’d wonder how I became trapped in a soap opera lifestyle. Then I walked away from it all, but the drama didn’t stop, in fact it never really will. People love a drama, they like a gossip and they like to make issue out of the smallest of things. What stops the drama is your reaction to it.

I’m tired of drama, I’m tired of gossip. Don’t get me wrong, we all like a bit of a batter chin wag about the latest on the street about so and so and thingamibob-who doesn’t? What I mean is I’m sick of the bitchy gossip, the stirring and the trouble causing. I’m tired of second guessing what people’s motives are, what they really think of me and whether or not I can trust their intentions. So I will still walk away from it.

My life with me and toddler P is in the best place it’s been in for awhile. And why? Because I’m enjoying being happy. I’ve stopped viewing happiness as a goal to achieve and I’ve been viewing it as an experience, a feeling that I can enjoy now. For that reason, when people attempt to damage my equilibrium, I put strategies in place, I speak to those I know I can trust or I weigh up the pros and cons of a situation, I calmly think about what effect it will have on us both and usually brush it off as water off a duck’s back.

Getting to this place has been hard work and I’m not there yet, but where I am is that I’ll make the choices and decisions that are best for me and toddler P.m and our physical and emotional well being. We’ve fought hard to be in this position, to be living a happy life after all we’ve been through and I will continue to ensure our happiness and well being is protected, which means no more drama. It means metaphorically moving away from drama and gravitating towards fun people, people that want to enjoy our happiness and celebrate our successes whilst telling us to give our heads a shake and get grip when life gets tough.

One of my good friends recently needed a bit of moral support and advice through a frustrating experience and she reminded herself (and me) that life could be worse so why sweat the small stuff, there’s always someone worse off. And it got me thinking, why create unnecessary drama, why make mountains out of mole hills, why let the lives or influence of others upset and effect your own. Their issues are nothing to do with you, you can be there to offer support and help if they want or need it but that’s all you can do if they’ll allow you to.

So forgive me if I don’t sing to everyone’s tune but I’m not joining in drama and I’m not compromising mine and toddler P’s needs, our happiness comes first.

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