A friend suggested that maybe I posted this when I’m further into my weightloss journey, however the purpose and meaning of the post would be lost then and if I considered it that way then I’m losing sight of what the man who’s inspired me to write this has taught me. It’s not a weightloss journey, it’s not a diet, it’s not a fad, it’s not in actual fact about that at all. It’s about a change in permanent mindset. It’s about taking control, it’s about changing to a positive mindset, lifestyle and being that I want. My nutrition and exercise is only a part of it, it also includes my way of thinking, my motivation, my daily habits, my budgeting and financial measurements, it’s about living my best life the way I know how.

I’ve been following Tom’s Nutrition for about a month now on instagram. The guy is amazing, an absolute inspiration. I like because he tells it like it is, he’s a normal, down to Earth Manc lad that lives in the real world. He’s not trying to sell anything, make any money, he’s not trying to hook you into a get fit quick scheme, he’s not trying to get you to join a pyramid selling programme or ask you to starve for 5 days, eating only celery and some vitamin supplements. He’s asking you to change your mindset. He’s asking you to use your common sense, own motivation and will power, he’s asking you to believe in yourself, save money and look after yourself mentally and physically.

I lost control of a lot of things in my life recently and sorting out my well being is one step forward in taking back control. I’d been so miserable for so long that I’d conditioned myself to comfort yet, it was a double edged sword, I used it as a comfort and a punishment to myself and became this slob I’d never been in my life before. I stopped being active, I stopped dancing for myself and punished myself further by binge eating. After following Tom, I’ve been using my fitness pal and tracking my calorie intake and also as mentioned before, I’ve started dancing again. Something has clicked mentally, I’ve made a plan and I’m sticking to it.

The best thing about Tom’s theories and page is that it doesn’t fill your head with crap. He advocates the idea that all foods are allowed, nothing is “bad” or a “syn” nothing is not allowed, it just all contains a calorie figure and that figure is incorporated into your measurements and management of what you eat. This way of thinking hasn’t meant that I allow myself to starve all day and then still do my comfort binge eating, but what it has meant is that I can eat anything in moderation, I can have cake, I can have crisps, I can have wine, I just need to allow for it in my daily measured calorie intake and suddenly not having these foods viewed as forbidden or wrong makes everything a little better and easier. It’s also made me smarter with my calories, I don’t waste them on lattes or if I do, I for go the carb side dish etc.

Ok I’m not losing weight as fast as I have on fad diets I’ve followed before but I’m also not depriving myself and can see this as a permanent change. Tom does promote fast results or quick fixes, he talks more about motivation, realistic goals and realistic maintenance. And let’s face it, what he’s saying isn’t anything new or rocket science, it’s what I studied in the nutrition module of my degree, cooking good, wholesome food that encompasses all of your major food groups and is measured appropriately means you can eat a bit of chocolate or whatever as long as it’s incorporated into your diet in a measured and manageable way.

I guess that’s also another thing I’ve done, I’ve kept food as a comfort, but instead of binge eating, I use the comfort as an activity. I’ve always loved cooking and baking and this went by the wayside during my marriage and the hard times that relationship brought me. Now, cooking and baking is my comfort, I’m constantly downloading new recipes, batch cooking and meal prepping and that in itself is therapeutic. I stick a decent playlist on (Madonna’s immaculate collection is a kitchen party fave) sometimes pour a gin or glass of wine (calories measured) and bop around the kitchen cooking up a storm. Toddler P joins me and pretends to cook her kitchen or kneads a small ball of dough that I give her as I knock out my bread. It’s fun and has meant I’ve embraced my relationship with food rather than punished myself for it.

I’ve also saved a fortune, I make so much from scratch and have more control over what in my cupboards, fridge and freezer that my shops are replenishing that and more controlled. I make a list of what I need and stick to it, I plan what meals I will have that week, work our what can be done with leftovers, whether they’re frozen, used for lunches or added to another meal, there’s no waste. So not only are my calories measured and managed, but so is my purse-another tip from Tom. Plus, an extra bonus is not playing £5 per week for someone else to weigh me, bonus!!!

So listen carefully to this simple but important mantra, what gets measured gets managed! Cheers Tom, you’re an inspiration!

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