My childhood friend also blogs, she’s great, honest and hilarious! She openly talks about motherhood and the difficulties she faced with her eldest’s medical treatment. She also openly talks about her wonderful kids and the funny one liners and little quirks they come out with. Her most recent post about the funny things her children have taught her, made me lol and also think about what life lessons toddler P has taught me:

1. Stairs have to be climbed, several times over, up and down, up and down. In fact everything has to be climbed up, even if mummy says no, in fact this makes it more important for said object to climbed up.

2. The numbers 4 and 7 are not required, in fact they have suddenly ceased to exist and it’s not looking like my disinvites wants to let them return…ever.

3. Why sing one nursery rhyme when you can have 3 combined? Wind the bobbin lyrics to the tune of twinkle twinkle, finished with a couple of lines from the wheels on the bus is a much more creative and contemporary version of your traditional children’s songs. Mummy’s need to move with the times, remixes are the way forward.

5. (Because 4 doesn’t exist anymore remember) Shoes are to be put on, all day, every day. Every pair. Of hers. And mine. And anyone else who may visit house. It doesn’t matter if they’re 10 sizes too big, she’ll put them on and then throw a tantrum when she takes a step forward and walks straight out of them.

6. Toys are not required. Well actually yes they are essential, but only for emptying out of the toy box and strewn all over the floor. Then keys/remote/mobile phone/light switches will be played with instead.

8. (Because 7 is also not needed anymore) Putting your child in the car is the quickest way to flick the screaming switch. 0-10 in a millisecond with a bright red face, arched back and spread eagled arms and legs. However they will then refuse to get out once you arrive somewhere.

9. You no longer have conversations where you pronounce words properly. Instead mid sentence you either mouth, do that weird half mumble, half mouth sound, or just phonetically spell key words as you talk to someone whilst your child is in ear shot.

10. There’s always a reason to get up and be happy and excited everyday. My daughter greats me with a cheer, cuddle and a smile without fail every morning and she starts her day full of energy and joy just because.

11. Secret eating is a real thing and as mum you will scoff a *insert relevant food item* in seconds flat whilst hiding behind a cupboard door, leaning into the washing machine, laundry basket or in the car just to prevent your toddler from demanding a share in the goods!

12. You have to wish everyone and everything goodbye and night night. I find this heartwarming and annoying at the same time. It brings out her sweet kind nature but also is a brilliant stalling tactic for when she doesn’t want to leave or go to bed, “night night hoover, night night window, night night light”

Most of all my daughter has taught to me to relax, enjoy the moment and enjoy life because there’s so much excitement in the little things.

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