It’s the last night of the Easter holidays and I’ve my “I don’t want to go to school tomorrow” sulky pout on, in fact my bottom lip is sticking out that much you could sit on it! This two week break has been brilliant, me and toddler P have done loads, whether it be a messy play tray at home in the kitchen, a play in the garden or a trip to our favourite play farm or park, we’ve been inseparable-well that kind of goes without saying doesn’t it given she’s solely dependent on me, but you catch my drift!

The two of us have pottered and played, she whittled on at me about “clapping your hands together, 1, 2, 3” making sure I put them gently on my knee, whilst we’ve driven in the car, she’s screeched and pointed at every “birdie” on every walk we’ve been on and remixed that many nursery rhymes that she’s giving Clavin Harris a run for his money!

It’s been brilliant, we’ve had some really uninterrupted quality time together. She’s been my side kick, my shadow, my little mate, joining me in everything I do. Now, she’s a bit older and now she can talk (and give me a non stop, repetitive running commentary of everything) it’s a lot more like I’ve always got company and someone with me. It lovely having my little mini me companion and I’m not afraid to say she’s my best friend, regardless of the 32 year age gap, she is my best friend and soul mate.

I owe a lot to little Miss P and I constantly refer to her as my superhero that saved my life. Those that know me and what I’ve been through, also know that if hadn’t have been for her, I may not have changed a horrible situation I was in. She made me walk away from the situation and change mine and her life for the better, she made everything better and helped my dig deep and find that inner strength of steel that I’ve always had. She’s brought back to me my confidence, my lust for life and fun, she’s given me back my energy, my sense of humour and my spark. Toddler P is my little saviour.

I love that I have this strong bond with her, I love that she calls me a “silly billy” and that together we can play, be daft and proper belly laugh together. I love that she always pleased to see me, that she has a beautiful smile that melts my heart, I love that she is affectionate and snuggles up to me. I love that she’s my little best friend.

I’ve always been very close to my mum, we’ve a friendship as well as mother daughter relationship and it’s good. We enjoy the time we spend together and we’re a team, we help each other out from small little errands to bigger jobs and emotional support. I guess in a way I’m her side kick. I’ve always been able to talk openly to my mum and she’s always been able to give me honest, constructive advice (or a royal bollocking when I need it) being able to confide her like this has meant she’s been able to help me become the person I am today. I really hope that this is the beginning of a similar relationship for me and madam P.

I guess I’m also not afraid to say my mum is my best friend. We can laugh so hard together and we see each other and speak all the time, even if it’s just about something daft like the nutty tap dancing reindeer and Elsa from Frozen act on Britain’s Got Talent (what the hell was that????). We’re a team as well and when I think back to my mum’s relationship with my Granny, they too were close and had a similar partnership. My cousin and my Aunty are the same as well as her also being close with her 3 kids. It must run in the family.

Well it safe to say, this reflection on the fun me and my mini me have had this Easter, as well as the strong bond we are forming, that my back to school strop is easing. I still don’t want to go to school tomorrow and am considering ringing my mum and asking her to write me a note! But this is just because I’m going to miss my little lady, we’ve had so much fun and the time we’ve spent has been so worthwhile. It almost felt like maternity leave again, having 2 full weeks without the rush, hustle and bustle and military timing and routine that the working weeks can bring. However, I must remember that I’m lucky to get so many and such long holidays with my girl.

How many sleeps until half term….

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