It’s amazing how a good clear out is therapeutic. After breaking up from school I’ve had a really good clear out and Spring clean in the house and it’s felt like I’ve cleansed my mind as well as my drawers and cupboards.

The radio was blasting my favourite playlist, little Madam P was playing at the childminders whilst I chucked out anything I was hoarding and reorganised every draw and cupboard space going. It’s been brilliant, it’s needed doing for awhile, when me and my ex husband bought this house we moved in and filled up a lot of the storage without thinking and it wasn’t being utilised to it’s maximum. Now I’ve taken the time to completely rearrange everything and not only do I no longer open a drawer and a mountain of crap jumps out Mary Poppins style, but there’s my anal organisation and categorising putting every item into its own specific slot within a draw.

I feel like it’s been a right of passage, it’s made life easier, more organised, less cluttered and I feel even more relaxed as I go around my home. My home feels bigger, my head space feels clearer and I feel like I can breathe and see more clearly. Like I said, it been therapeutic.

I’ve even rearranged my tool box, cutlery drawer, shoe rack and airing cupboard!!! It was like a snowball effect, the more I moved, chucked out and re-organised one thing, the more it spilled onto another. And it’s amazing what you find, old photos, trinkets and memories.

I found my Dad’s wallet, passport and Filofax with stupid scribbles. Reading the scribbles was heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time, in my dad’s true disorganised manner he’d our addresses and telephone numbers scrawled across scrappy bits of paper stuffed in it. He’d random cute reminders of us and things to do with us, mixed in with scrawls of dates, flight times, passwords and usernames. It was complete chaos in an organiser! It summed my dad up completely, as well as my home but on a smaller scale.

Finding all these little mementoes has been therapeutic, some have been things I needed to throw away, rid myself off and some I needed to keep and still treasure. The clearing out and reorganisation of everything has mentally made me rid myself of things and reorganise my mind. The cleaning the sorting and the sprucing up has mentally and emotionally spruced me up.

I’ve also spent time in my garden, it doesn’t look that great but I’ve pulled up all the overgrowth, properly edged the lawn and generally made it useable and safe for me and little miss P now the weather is getting better (cue rainfall and snow). So even though it doesn’t look brilliant, it’s a lot better and more toddler friendly. I also look and feel a great sense of achievement, I did it myself, I went from not having any green fingers at all to getting the bug and searching for Pinterest DIY gardening hacks! Once again the spring sprucing of the garden was therapeutic, I had a laugh with my mum, who lent a helping hand and her Alan Titchmarsh knowledge, lady P ran around “helping” and enjoyed the sunshine as well as a well earned gin at the end of the day!

So not only is my home refreshed, super organised and clutter free, but so am I! I’ve always said it, but a good clear out and spring clean is good for the soul as well as the home.

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