My Granny was a legend, she was known to everyone as Granny and adored by every grandchild and great grandchild. She was warm and loving, cared for us all like her own, (gave us a good bollocking like we were her own!!) and had us all in stitches with her funny ways-soft mints lined up on the arm of the chair and garlic bread made using a warbutons loaf included.

So whoever was going to be privileged enough to take the Granny crown had some pretty big boots to fill! When it came to having grandchildren of their own, my aunties and uncle did this whilst Granny was still with us so they took the name grandma. So as much as I wish Granny was still here to meet toddler P and her cousins L and O, there’s a small part of me that likes that this loss has meant that my mum has been able to become the next generations Granny, silver biscuit tin included.

In reality though what’s in a name, all grandparents in our family have taken on the same role as Granny. They all dote on their grandchildren and carry on the legacy that she started. And I’m just so pleased that her strong bond with us as grandkids is continued into the next round.

Despite the long distance of air miles between us and my brother and family, my mum has still established and maintained the same strong bond with her grandsons. My nephews squeal her name with joy over FaceTime and dive on her, nag her, are cheeky to her and basically just adore her like any grandchild should. My mum hasn’t let anything, not even physical distance stop her from loving her boys. Similarly she’s ensuring she has a strong bond with baby P and is developing a hilarious cheeky comedy duo relationship with my little madam-they bounce off each other like a modern/female Morecambe and Wise!

Granny T has been back from her latest American adventure for just over a week now and I was concerned that being so young, my 15month old little lady wouldn’t have forgotten her due to the 6 week absence. But no, the FaceTime calls (on a near daily basis I must admit-apologies to my Yankee family!) maintained her recollection and she lovingly ran to Granny with open arms at the airport! As did I, because Granny T is just like her predecessor and somewhat of a legend.

The last time I went to visit one of the first things my sister in law said as we had got there, “aw Granny T, she’s brilliant, can’t she stay, does she have to go back home?” With this glad sigh. And mum leaving this time meant I was once again feeling like I had to learn to fly solo but this time because I was a single mum. Granny has been a great support as I adjusted to single mum life and now was the real test as to how I would cope. In reality, I coped fine, more than fine, handling the practical stuff was a doddle and her emotional support was only ever a text or FaceTime call away. If anything her absence gave me some breathing space, a confidence boost and time to really start making my new life what I want it to be. However, the epic event of her coming home did give me that same sigh and feeling of joy and relief that my sister in law also had.

I think it’s because she carries an air of positivity and reassurance. She chastises me and my sister in law whenever we have a slight moment of faltering that we are doing right by our children, reminding us both of how we put our kids needs first, more than aptly ensure their health and well being is of upmost importance and that we’re trying to bring them up as warm, charismatic and confident little people. She carries an air of calmness and natural support for all of us and more than anything has our children eating out of the palm of her granny hands! I think our main reason for the joyful sigh of “granny’s here” is because there’s nothing better than seeing how much our kids love her, how there’s a hint of envy and jealousy between them all as one plays and cuddles on her knee whilst the other two sometimes have to wait their turn.

Granny T has the same relationship we had with our Granny and I love it. I have say though, it’s through her own efforts. She wants that same bond and as I said earlier she’s not let anyone or anything prevent her from ensuring she is able to give all her grandchildren the love they deserve from her. I know she feels torn and finds it an emotional challenge leaving one behind to go visit the others and vice versa and I don’t think any of us have yet got the right pattern of how often and when we visit each other across the pond but we’ve just learnt to accept the limitations of being a long distance family and embrace the alternative ways we can connect with each other. Her use of it is amazing though, she’s really making sure her grandchildren feel the same love me and my cousins did from Granny. So much so that timed perfectly, baby P learnt to say “Ganny” for Granny’s return and now is repeating several times on a daily basis!

So my Granny may not be with us anymore but she’s certainly left a legacy that is living on into the next generation.

Granny E and T, we bloody love you!

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