So I did it! I left little P overnight with Daddy. To be honest it wasn’t as bad as I thought, the nerves and apprehension before was the worst part, I was a bit teary the morning before going but when it came to being dropped off at the station I was fine, partly because I was in public, but also because I did the usual breezey goodbye that my brother and sister-in-law have taught me. I didn’t make it an ordeal, I simply kissed her on the cheek, told her to be a good girl for Daddy and toddled off for my train. This made it much easier, by not making it a big deal she didn’t sense any nervous energy and I didn’t work myself up into a frenzy.

This meant my night away went easier (granted a Buck’s Fizz in the train settled my nerves) I was able to make the most of my time away and enjoy a night with the girls. I avoided too many phone calls and texts home. This was for several reasons, I’d only spend my time away focused on how she was if I constantly checked up on her and my husband, plus I’d put doubt in his mind and make him feel nervous looking after her and finally it was important to him that he got some uninterrupted daddy daughter time and if I was constantly on the phone then that quality time would be spoilt.

What I didn’t enjoy was the hangover, roughly 15months of not drinking and then going on a hen do is not a pretty sight the next morning! I actually feel like I cheated myself because I couldn’t enjoy the child free nights sleep, full breakfast buffet and long shower etc because I spent most of the morning with post drinking insomnia, trying to not empty the entire contents of my stomach!

However, I did enjoy a night on the town with some of my best girls, we danced, we laughed, we made cocktails, drank even more cocktails and laughed the night away. It was nice to bring back that little bit of me, the me that I was before I was a mum.

Do I miss it though? Nah! Not really, once in awhile is great but it confirmed for my that my “drinking and dancing the night away every weekend” days are done. My younger self partied hard and I’m glad I got it out of my system, I’ve had my fun party days and me and hubby have had our much needed dating days. This weekend was wonderful, much needed and definitely important to do once in a blue moon but I couldn’t do it on a regular basis, I’m happy enjoying my lazy and cosy nights in with my hubby and Baby P. Probably mainly because the recovery from said night out took longer than my recovery from labour and child birth! A hangover combined with looking after a 6 month old teething baby ain’t easy!!

So thank you to my girls for an awesome night, let’s do it again…but not too soon, I can still remember how bad the hangover was! Most importantly though girls (and my husband), thank you for letting me have another reminder that I’m not just a mum and for giving me the chance to let my hair down, have a little break from mum duties and come back to them almost refreshed!

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