Teething is by far the worst phase we’ve had to endure, I keep repeating the mantra, “this is a phase and soon shall pass” as I was so strongly advised by a good friend and fellow mum. We’ve used this phrase a lot, during the sleepless nights and tedious moments, reminding ourselves that everything difficult in parenthood is just that, a phase and will soon be over. But teething really has been the most difficult. Sleeping issues, cluster feeding and the fourth trimester seemed to be shorter lived and things we could find solutions for.

Don’t get me wrong, bonjela teething gel, calpol, cuddles, rocking and walking her along with the wonderful art of distraction have helped but ultimately we’ve just had to ride this one out. We have in someways been very lucky, the chewing and chomping, dribbling and drooling started a very long time ago, before she was even 3 months which surprised us but the health visitor assured us it was normal and that teeth were just moving and getting into position ready to arrive. This went on for another 6weeks to two months with relatively little disturbance and disruption apart from some teary painful evenings where at first we couldn’t work out the issue but then realised that her teeth were testing her pain threshold and put patience.

Recently though over the past few weeks I’ve not dared to leave the house without being armed with baby pain relief, teething gel and Sophie La Girafe! The past few weeks have been painful (no pun intended) and tedious at times but still it’s only been the odd day and evening and luckily baby P hasn’t had the usual rosey cheeks and daily screaming fits. However, on the difficult days she really has been an upset little bunny, wanting lots of cuddles, comfort feeds and struggling to nap due to the discomfort.

What makes this phase the most difficult is that there is little you can really do, everything we’ve tried and used helps, it eases her pain but ultimately we all just have to ride this out. Whereas cluster feeding is a short spell, it lasts a few days and is challenging but stops and is a few hours each day, sleep issues are tough but she will eventually give in (with a little help from rocking, white noise and a car/walk journey) everything has some solution. Teething doesn’t and it’s heartbreaking to see your little one upset and not really be able to do anything about it.

Finally though this morning, as we snuggled and played in bed watching the snowfall…she grasped my finger to shove in her mouth to chomp on…and low and behold it was there…I felt it…a sharp, hard line on her bottom gum! The hard work and tears have paid off, the singing, pointing to various pictures, sights out the window, walks and car journeys to distract from the pain, have finally paid off and little P’s first tooth is truly on its way.

Hopefully this offers us some light relief…until the next tootsie peg arrives!!

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