Sometimes you don’t realise the traits and quirks you’ve picked up off of people. Last night after putting Baby P down for bed I was laid playing on my iPad when my husband turned and asked what I was doing. “Just reading an article” was my reply, I was reading someone’s blog post and he mentioned how this was just like my Dad and once again I was to chuckle and remember him pleasantly.

Regularly when chatting about life in general, Dad had nearly always, “been reading an article” and as he used pick up a newspaper daily, reading it and the supplementary magazines from cover to cover, he managed to read a lot of articles. Although, I’m more modern and read them via apps and social media links, I too seem to have developed the same interest in reading articles and blogs. I probably don’t always put the same amount of storage on them as Dad did and I’m inclined to let a lot wash over my head unless I know it’s coming from a reliable source but I’ve obviously picked up this quirk from Dad and never realised it until now.

I know I’ll have picked many other things, some I’m already very aware of. I also see some of Poppa M in baby P and my nephews, expressions that they pull (little O has his Poppa M’s puzzle pour down to a T) even my little missy’s bottom burps reflect the sound her Grandad made! These little things make missing him a touch easier, it makes him live on a little and gives everyday life quick fleeting memories and moments about him.

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