My last post referred to how much you clock, count and monitor as a parent including the bowel movements of your child. Well last night we had our first bathtime poop!! That’s right, Daddy was doing his usual bathtime routine, singing songs to our little one whilst I shutdown the house for bedtime. I was casually ear wigging as he sang, “splish splash I was taking a bath” in a deep American Elvis style accent, chuckling to myself and the conversations he has with 9 week old Baby P. Suddenly I heard screech and knew my assistance was needed.

I entered the bathroom to a yellow, mustard filled baby bath, my husband with a handful of s**t and little Miss P with a pet lip sticking out so far you could sit on it as she jumped at the shock of Daddy calling for me. The best course of action was to abort bathtime and settle little lady for bed whilst hubby cleaned himself and the poonami that had hit the bathroom with full force!

This isn’t the first poo explosion we’ve had of course, we’ve had several leakages that result in full costume changes. We’ve had projectile poops that fly across the changing mat mid-nappy change. I’ve even had my darling daughter poo in my hand as I clean her bottom, which she lovingly followed up with a cheeky smile!

Poonamis (as we now refer to them as) are a regular occurrence as part of parenthood, my favourite memory (yes we can laugh about it now) being one in the middle of the night where again mummy was asked to come to daddy’s assistance (aka rescue). We had to abort mission at this point and simply bath our child. Yes. A. Full. Bath. At 2am!! It was up her back, up her front and everywhere!! I don’t know how something so small and beautiful can produce so much of something so vile!

I know there’ll be more toilet escapades to come, especially as solid food and potty training gets introduced (cue eye roll and cringe!) but we’ll just take it our stride and have a right good chuckle about it afterwards!

See you later for poonami 2 the sequel….

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