When I lost my Dad I felt the need to do stuff, a bit of a coping mechanism, particularly once the funeral was over. I needed to find stuff to do, not just anything, I found work, my masters studying, working out at the gym and socialising with friends difficult. Not alway, but a lot of the time difficult, I wasn’t motivated enough by them, they weren’t enough of a distraction.

I was suddenly over come with the urge to be chairitable, I wanted, I needed to do something that would help, even though I can’t help my Dad. I started looking at fundraising, my brother suffered a heart attack just over 2 years ago (at very young age), making us discover that there was a genetic condition on my Dad’s side of the family putting us all at high risk. So I’m now in the middle of the British Heart Foundation’s September #mymarathon whereby I have the whole month to run at least the equivalent of a marathon. I’ve sent myself a fundraising target of at least £500 sterling so I apologise for the plus but if you wish to, I’d appreciate your donation to the cause by clicking on my fundraising page.

I plan to do further events and activities and will keep updating this page on what and when I plan as well as the success and spurt I receive.

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