I’ve found this blogger’s poem about losing and missing someone, it reminded me that the feeling won’t go away, I’ll just learn to live with it.

Cindy’s reading

What really struck me about this poem was that it is about the loss of a child. I’m not a parent myself yet, however I have a step son whom I adore, I work with children and have always had a natural maternal instinct and love of young people and wanted to nurture and care for them. The people who I’ve lost were adults, the older generations of my family so nature’s was has happened in the correct chronological order, in the life cycle you expect. Not that this means I don’t feel grief, I think anyone who’s experienced grief will agree that a person is always gone too soon. There’s always somethings you’ll wish they were therefore, to see, hear, do and share with you. But to lose a child I think is frightening and terrible, I cannot begin to imagine the pain that must cause, the anger and injustice one must feel.

So my heart goes out to this writer, because whatever I’m feeling they must be feeling worse, that there’s others feeling worse and that are worse off. More importantly, if they have learnt to cope, then in time I’ll learn to cope even though I’m still missing them.

Because it’s all about learning to cope.

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